Since 2006, Global Concern has provided agricultural training and inputs to subsistance farmers in Eastern Zambia with the aim of developing food security and long term self-sufficiency.  Food insecurity in this area is high, resulting in malnutrition and early mortality rates. These issues are further compounded by problems of malaria, malnutrition, diarrhoea and HIV/Aids. Farmer training introduces participants to modern farming techniques covering conservation farming, agricultural inputs and crop storage. Environmental protection education includes energy, wood and water saving techniques, soil preservation, the appropriate use of organic and inorganic fertilisers and the benefits of tree planting. Health and nutritional education provides training in food preparation, cooking, healthy eating, sanitation practices, HIV/Aids prevention and care and general health advice. Participants receive inputs of seed and fertiliser, pumps for wells and access to fresh water, and mosquito nets to protect the vulnerable from malaria. The project engages a participatory approach and emphasises community management through local committees. Its primary intention is to enable the poor to access tools which will lead to self-development and self-sufficiency and ultimately long term food security and independence. Each year over 1,000 impoverished people participate in the project and move onto food security. Learn more...

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  • Window

  • Sitting around

  • Being kids

  • Blackboard

  • My crops

  • Musangu tree

    Musangu trees help replace much needed nutrients back into the soil and thereby improve farmer's harvests. The Food Security Project makes it a priority to plant thousands of these trees across local farmer's fields.

  • Maize cobs

  • Men meeting

  • Childrens section

  • Discussing the Food Security Project

  • Project beneficiaries

  • Waaaahooooo!

  • Grin

  • Widows and orphans

    This group of widows and orphans have banded together to receive support from Global Concern's Food Security Project.

  • Trainer of trainers

    The participant has successfully applied Global Concern's food security principles to her own crops and household and now trains other farmers in the same techniques. Global Concern always aims to train trainers, not just participants, and thereby expand the impact of the project.

  • Woman's club

  • Ready and willing to learn

  • The fritter business

    The group of villagers have begun their own business cooking and selling fritters (a type of donut) with the training and assistance of Global Concern project staff.

  • Sunflower

    Project staff, Renton and Petros, inspect a villager's field.

  • Sunny faces

    Participants learn how to cultivate small amounts of cash crops such as sunflowers and cotton in order to supplement their food crops and provide finances to pay for general expenses such as school fees, medical costs etc.

  • Health and gender education

    Food Security Project staff member, Alphosina, provides training in health, gender and nutrition.

  • Chillin'

  • Cutting pipes for wells

    In the last 12 months, Global Concern has sunk over 60 wells in Eastern Zambia bringing water to over 12,000 people. You can buy a well for a community at

  • Friends on the field

    Fellow farmers share a moment

  • Husband and wife team

  • Wells training

    Locals listen intently to training on well installation and maintenance. The village takes on the responsibility of maintaining their own well.

  • Fresh water

    A well is completed.

  • Before they become wells

  • Searching for Grace

    Grace (in black) is a single mother, living with her own mother and 5 children. Her husband was recently murdered after being stabbed by a nephew during a financial dispute. All her children are under 15 and 3 of them attend school. All the children work with her in the field before the school aged ones leave for class, which is held in the afternoon. Grace and her family are currently participants in Global Concern's Food Security Project.

  • Grace and her crops

    Despite a difficult dry spell, Grace still produced a particularly impressive yield on her crops.

  • Goats

    The local woman's club built this shelter for goats which they were provided through Global Concern's project. They will continue to breed the goats and sell their milk to raise funds for the numerous orphans they support.

  • Learning to weave

    Project worker, Alphosina, invests time in a local women's group to teach them how to weave mats.

  • Zikomo

    Zikomo means thank you in Chewa, the local language. Global Concern project staff trained women in weaving mats, which they now sell in town to make a living. I purchased this particular mat and it now sits on my own front door.

  • Lemon cake

    Project participants learn how to make numerous different dishes, including lemon cake, which some locals then go on to bake and sell to make an extra income.

  • Msungu

    The msungu (white guy) tests out the treadle pump, which is used to irrigate fields.

  • The Food Security office

    Plans, strategies and dreams of a better future for the impoverished are birthed in conjunction with local staff and team leader, Chris, in this office.

  • The future

    The leaders of tomorrow