"What is the morally correct response to the poor when even the sale of a $5 possession could save the life of a child in certain parts of the world? In an effort to find out, Aaron catalogues his hundreds of possessions and places them all up for sale."

On 5 December 2012, 34-year-old international aid worker and artist, Aaron Moore sold everything he owned and gave it to the poor. 'One thing you lack' was a performance based on two texts regarding the poor, one theological and the other philosophical. The first was Jesus’s command to the rich young man, found in the book of Luke 18:18-23, to ‘sell everything you own and give it to the poor’. The second was a challenge by utilitarian, Peter Singer, who believes ‘if we can prevent something bad, without sacrificing anything of comparable significance, we ought to do it.’  The performance challenges our right to retain wealth when faced by the needs of those in extreme poverty.

Aaron was the 58,089,141st richest person in the world according to the Global Rich List

From his Apple laptop, Suzuki motorbike, and twin-fin fish surfboard, through to each t-shirt and every pair of socks, his personal photo albums, letters, paintings, drawings, books, and bed. Over the period of one week Aaron sold every possession he owned,  emptied the contents of his bank accounts and, along with the proceeds from the sale, gave it to charities that work with the poor.

Jesus Christ

Peter Singer

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