I tried, and I made it. - William Kamkwamba, Malawian author of 'How I harnessed the wind'

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  • Banana man

  • Flood

    A huge storm came in overnight and the next morning I awoke to find the river had changed course and swept away half of this man's field.

  • Tracks

  • Red bananas

  • Nkhata Bay

  • Drive by

  • Fishing in the rain

  • Road block

    Two trucks had managed to slide off the side of the road and get bogged in the same section. A third large truck had then attempted to drive between them and also became bogged, blocking the entirety of the road. Our mini bus stopped and people didn't know what to do as it was over an hour in each direction to the nearest town. Some attempted to dig a new section of road bi-passing the trucks, but as they dug it appeared even more muddy and problematic than the current road, and the first car to test it was likely to get bogged too. I was one of the few lucky enough to jump in the back of a ute with a some locals on the other side of the section and continued on my journey. I'm guessing others just continued on foot.

  • Monkey

  • Bore

  • View to Mozambique

  • Livingstonia church

  • Lukwe eco camp, Livingstonia

  • Room with a view

  • Behind the waterfall

  • Morning view from my room

  • Grocery store

  • Making a movie

  • Lake Malawi

  • Sand sculptures with the locals