Simon McGrath and Aaron Moore present their latest work in 'Home and Abroad'. Join us for opening drinks overlooking the water from 6pm on Fri 19th January 2018 at Clifton School of Arts (and then 10am-5pm on 20th & 21st Jan). Bring your friends - invite via Facebook.

The exhibition includes the beauty of still life and landscape captured by Simon in and around his home in Sydney; as well as the allure of foreign lands, animals and people inspired during Aaron's work and travel abroad on the African continent.

Aaron's work draws on his experiences traveling as an aid and development worker in Africa. It includes images of rural Togolese villagers he befriended whilst working in a local medical clinic, later collaging their portraits from newspapers collected in the country's capital. As well as sweeping charcoal drawings of wild animals inspired during safari drives and walks in Kenya and Zambia. The works provide a unique insight into the beauty of life on the African continent.

Simon draws inspiration from the immediate world around him, finding beauty in everyday objects and everyday events. Whether it be a colourful bouquet of flowers from the dinning room table, something out of the pantry, or a sunset on the family farm, Simon's work captures the essence of beauty in them all.