‘Don’t deny us development’ examines different perspectives in the discussion on global inequality. The multi-channel video work collates views from a number of Australian’s, each raising a challenge, story or personal experience in their understanding of wealth and poverty and their struggle with issues of global inequality. The work also includes the voice of rural Zambian farmers who give their own perspective on global inequality through song and dance. Community waste communicates the messages, with the videos displayed on analogue television monitors reclaimed from curb sides during local council rubbish collections in Sydney. The videos play concurrently on a loop and are fitted with headphones allowing the viewer to listen to each perspective separately and in the context of the others.

Don't deny us development | video | 8:36 min

Don't deny us development installation

Images of where televisions were reclaimed from curbside rubbish. Each image was attached to the respective television set in the installation.