On the 3rd May 2008, Burma was hit by the terrifying Cyclone Nargis with a diameter of 150 miles and a wind rate of 120 miles per hour. The cyclone tore through the south of Burma destroying over 20 million homes and leaving large numbers of people dead or homeless and forced into relief camps. Global Concern quickly began working in Bogalay Township where an estimated 21,000 houses were damaged or destroyed. Some villages totally disappeared. Dead bodies floated in the river, polluting the drinking water. Clean domestic water was not available leading to skin diseases, diarrhea, and ultimately malnutrition and starvation. Victims of the cyclone suffered social, psychological, physical and material hardship and trauma. Global Concern worked with local communities to rebuild 462 houses, 7 community halls and sink 15 wells, assisting thousands of individuals through a difficult period in the wake of such a large natural disaster. Learn more...

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  • Living in bamboo

  • Home by the river

    A local family shared their thanks for the assistance of Global Concern: ‘Thank you for coming to visit us and help us. We don’t know how to thank you enough. No only do we have houses again but our community is so much stronger for the way we worked together with you. The staff organised us into teams of 4-5 families and we each worked rebuilding each others house. Because of this, we learned to help and support each other so much more. Now the Christians and Buddhists in our community are all friends and we are so much happier with our neighbours.’

  • Our bike

  • Slum life

  • Walk the bamboo

  • Kids

  • Pigs

  • Church

  • Fresh water

  • The neighbourhood

  • Corner store

  • Family

  • Going for a stroll

  • Smile

  • Bye

  • Green sea

  • Broken down

  • Water shack

  • Floating down river

  • River shop

  • Family home

  • River house

  • Happy family

  • Fishing nets

  • Life lines

  • Fun times

  • Climbing the coconut tree

  • Coconut collector

  • New boat

    ‘We have been so lucky to have your help. My life is completely changed since Global Concern came to assist us after Nagis. Not only did they help me build a new home for me and my family but they also provided me with a boat which I can use to fish and to transport my friends and family on the river."

  • Our new house

  • EHC makes a visit

  • Sunset on the water

  • Early morning mist

  • EHC waves the flag

  • Riding the boat roof

  • Paddle

  • Soccer volleyball

  • In the window

  • Sketch me

    Whilst eating lunch with this man I drew his portrait in my workbook. My interpreter was busy, so we couldn't communicate much but pictures and hand signals helped us get a small glimpse into each others lives. I left him with the portrait as a token of my thanks for his hospitality.

  • Path to my front door

  • Community meeting

  • Best friends

  • Walking the horizon

  • Holding the little one

  • Homeward bound

  • Sail away

  • Sunset

  • Wood chop

  • Supermaket

  • Community gathering