Our passions and desires are unruly, but our character subdues these elements into a harmonious whole. Does something similar to this happen in the physical world? Are the elemenets rebellious, dynamic with individual impulse? And is there a principle in the physical world which dominates them and puts them into orderly organisation? - Rabindranath Tagore of Bangladesh, interviewed by Albert Einstein on 14 April 1930.

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  • Rickshaw men

  • Shanty town

  • Hide n seek

  • Kids club

  • Proud fella

  • Life on the tracks

  • Slum life

  • Smiles

  • Boys and men

  • Meat market

  • Train's a comin'

    Trains sweep through this slum on a regular basis.

  • Train surfing

  • Chilling on the tracks

  • We've got work to do

  • Child labour?

    Women work all day breaking stones for a measly few dollars and their children emulate them.

  • Walk the line

  • Lunch

  • Our front yard

  • Looking for another world

  • Don't scratch my bus!

    Bangladesh traffic is probably some of the heaviest I have ever seen in the world. This was the state of most buses.

  • Traveling aquarium

    This truck/aquarium drove through Dhaka advertising some kind of product. As it stopped at lights the water inside would swoosh around and sometimes go over the edge. It was full of all kinds of fish, turtles and other marine life.

  • Its easy up here

  • Labahg Fort, Dhaka

  • Inside Labahg Fort

  • Fruit with a shell?

    I'm not sure what this was but I bought some anyway. The man makes a small hole in the shell of the fruit and twirls his tool inside it to loosen the edible portions. He provided me with a small stick which I put in to get some of the fruit out. It was sweet and reminded me of eating Double Dip sherbet with a Swizzel Stick.

  • Boys in the hood

  • Turtle man

  • Turtles await the end

  • Making the gods

  • Our shop

  • Fire crackers

  • Flower boy

  • Sadarghat River, Dhaka

  • The boat driver

  • River taxis

  • Apples

  • Happy little man

  • Ferry weed

  • Sadarghat

  • Sitting at the port

  • Rope and cogs

  • Ferry

  • Mud poles

  • Dirt track

  • Butterfly

  • Boarding the ferry

  • Can't afford an education

    These kids worked at the ferry port selling their wares. You can provide an education for kids like this by going to www.globalconcern.org.au and sponsoring a child.

  • Southern Bangladesh

  • It fits

    Squeezing trucks onto the ferry.

  • Sunset

  • Into the night